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"Going to the bathroom constantly was a disaster, I was going to the bathroom to urinate once in a while. It was like I was almost going to pee on my pants. Thank you for this amazing product that helped me get my life back normal. I now urinate several times and have no pain when urinating. Thank you!"
– Théophile (~45 years old)

Are you between the ages of 40 and 80 and have any of these symptoms?

  • An enlarged prostate size.

  • Frequent urination between day and night.

  • Constant pain or burning during urination.

  • Poor or inappropriate PSA levels.

  • Painful ejaculation during intercourse.

  • Difficulty stopping urination which is often called “gout/incontinence”.

  • The feeling of still needing to pee right after going there.

  • Prostatic infections.

  • Difficulty emptying the bladder.

Drinking alcohol, smoking, having a poor diet and high water intake

...are not the real cause of your enlarged prostate!

Yes! Many of our satisfied customers used to think that way. Some will even say that they have quit smoking and alcohol, but still experience "frequent and painful urination", some even complain of "steadily rising PSA levels".

You see, an enlarged prostate is not caused by drinking too much water, drinking alcohol, smoking, and lack of physical activity. While it's safe to say that all of these activities can increase the risk of developing an enlarged prostate, NONE of them actually cause an enlarged prostate.

So what causes an enlarged prostate?

If you want a short and simple answer, it's the result of "AGING".

To enlighten you further, as a man ages, the prostate gland enlarges. As the prostate gland enlarges, if not checked properly, it will result in the BLOCKAGE of the urethra causing all the various symptoms of an enlarged prostate.

The urethra is what carries urine from the bladder to the penis. The prostate is found on both sides of the urethra, as one grows the prostate grows larger and when it finally blocks the passage of urine, it is then called an enlarged prostate.

Tired of running to the toilet and trying various ineffective solutions?

Here is the good news!

You can bet on restoring the prostate to permanently stop urinary problems

Prostate Restore is a 100% natural herbal prostate capsule that provides healing and relief with the pure organic hidden gem of the rainforest.

With "Prostate Restore", you can put an end to your frustration and regain control!

Are you looking for a safe solution with well-researched and proven ingredients?

After extensive review of the ingredients in this formula, SGS, which is a Botanics laboratory testing organization, has approved "Prostate Restore".

"If there is a formula with ingredients that can help reduce your frequent trips to the bathroom and improve the quality of your life, why not try it?"

It's been going on for quite some time. I was experiencing painful and frequent urination so told my child and son that I got you somehow…

I have been using it for over 2 weeks now and the symptoms have drastically decreases. I believe in 2 months I will get a full result and then I will give you my feedback.

Thank you very much and keep it up!

- Théophile

7 Benefits You Can Get When You Take Prostate Restore...

Prostate Size

Our advanced formula in Prostate Restore called "Saw Palmetto" effectively helps restore prostate size, promoting overall prostate health and reducing discomfort.

PSA Level
Made from all-natural ingredients, Prostate Restore is safe and effective with no side effects. Say goodbye to the stress and worries of high PSA levels and take control of your health with our powerful solution.

Prostate Fertility
Prostate Restore, helps improve fertility and erectile weakness by nourishing the prostate.

Stops the constant pain and burning sensation
With the addition of cranberry and baking soda, this helps prevent bacteria buildup as a result of excessively stored urine, and also stops the pain/burning sensation felt during urination.

Painful Ejaculation
Painful ejaculation is often caused by a disturbing prostate gland problem with bacteria. The unsweetened cranberry does a lot to stop the pain.

Stops Drips/Incontinence
An enlarged prostate is accompanied by many different symptoms, such as the inability to hold or control urine. Our added pumpkin seeds and soybean extract also significantly reduced incontinence.

Promotes bladder emptying
Dandelion is a wild herb known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It has been used historically to treat kidney disease and stomach ailments. Due to its anti-inflammatory abilities, it has also been used to treat bladder inflammation and retention.

Reduces frequent urination
If your frequent urination is caused by problems, Prostate Restore has a property called pumpkin seeds, which is full of omega-3 fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory properties. This improves abnormal urinary function and reduces symptoms of frequent urination.

How does prostate restoration work?

Prostate Restoration addresses both symptoms and root causes of the prostate (prostate) through the following 4-step mechanism…

Eliminate bacteria
Works as an antioxidant to eliminate bacteria from the body through urination

Reduced prostate size
Gradually shrinks the prostate to speed up the healing process

Nourished prostate
Promotes prostate health by nourishing it

Protect/Prevent Prevents
and protects your system problems with the prostate gland such as an enlarged prostate

So far I have only listed a few of the side effects...

If you can go natural, why not?

Surgery may be avoidable… CASH ON DELIVERY IS NOW AVAILABLE… DELIVERY IN 24 HOURS! Order before 11:59 p.m. and get FREE shipping!

But what if you are not experiencing an enlarged prostate…
But you want to take prostate restoration for prevention

Yes, and it's very smart because prevention is better than cure!
Take Prostate Restore twice a year

So you need to hurry, act fast, place an order and get these solutions now…
Here's how to order your own weak erection pack at a discounted price today.

You only pay when the product has been delivered to you in person by our courier company within 24-48.

Note: Please do not place an order if you are out of your area or have no money within the delivery date shown below or have no money yet. You can store my number to order later. THANKS

What are the side effects of an untreated enlarged prostate?
Some of the effects are...

  • Increased frequent urination at night.

  • Bladder stones can form when urine becomes stagnant in the bladder.

  • Bladder infections can occur when bacteria enter the urinary tract.

  • Kidney damage can occur if the bladder is unable to empty urine.

  • Incontinence or the inability to control urine leakage increases.

  • Urethral damage can occur if the urethra becomes narrowed.

  • Prostate or bladder cancer develops with symptoms of blood in the urine.

  • Surgery may become the necessary solution when it has gotten worse.

Prostate Reversal Package Half of our customers start with 6 bottles!

Here's why...

For a full/complete treatment
We recommend 2 months of "Prostate Restore". for complete treatment

Each bottle of "Prostate Restore" contains 60 capsules and 180 capsules, 
Therefore, to maximize the effect and achieve the desired result, we will send the active use after receiving our product for confirmation of the products delivered.

Based on our statistics;

45% of our customers order 2 months of treatment for full/full treatment at a discounted rate.

55% of our customers order a 2 month treatment

Why do we recommend a 2 month treatment?

The longer you stay on it, the better it works.

This helps keep your prostate completely free of bacteria (prostatitis).

It reduces prostate enlargement by 60% to 80%



If you're struggling with a prostate problem or a weak erection, this is the prostate solution you've been waiting for!

This is not just an ordinary statement... It's a fact... Behold...

what people say

"I removed the catheter today. I am able to urinate myself. Freely, no pain, good circulation. Decided to place another order as soon as it runs out. Very fantastic product"


"Of all the products I have used, this is the best. Before I started using the product, I had frequent urination with urgency and sometimes had trouble getting urine out. Your product is fantastic"


"I hereby confirm that your product is effective. My PSA has gone down significantly. The last test I did shows it went down from 8.0 to 2.8. Advice on how to lower it further ?"


You see… by age 50, more than half of all men already have some degree of prostate enlargement. At age 60, that percentage jumps to 75%...

Protect your prostate with Vitolize Men. There is absolutely no risk. 

How many bottles should I order?

La commande la plus populaire pour les nouveaux clients est le paquet de 2 bouteilles. Cependant, comme nous avons de nombreux clients qui demandent s'ils peuvent obtenir plus de 2 pacquet, nous proposons le paquet de 3 bouteilles à un rabais plus élevé ainsi qu'un produit bonus GRATUIT.

How to use Prostate Reversal Package ?

Chaque bouteille est un approvisionnement complet de 30 jours. Prenez simplement deux comprimés par jour avec de l'eau. Vous pouvez les prendre à tout moment de la journée qui vous convient. Vous pouvez les prendre à jeun ou à jeun, cela ne fait aucune différence car la formule puissante fonctionne. Il est facilement digéré que vous ayez l'estomac vide ou plein.

What are the ingredients of Prostate Reversal Package ?

Saw palmetto extract, Zinc, Lycopene oil, Pumpkin see oil, Selenium, Pomegranate, Pygium extract, Gelatin, glycerin, purified water, beeswax, soy lecithin, Vitamins B6, C, D, E, et carob extract.

Ses différents ingrédients ont tous des effets bénéfiques sur la santé de la prostate et maintiennent l'équilibre du taux de PSA.

Pumpkin seed oil contenu dans Vitolize Men est connu pour soulager les symptômes de la vessie irritable (une étude reconnue par l'Organisation mondiale de la santé) et les troubles urinaires associés à une hypertrophie de la prostate.

Pomegranate contenu dans Vitolize Men est un fruit exotique connu dans la Grèce antique où il symbolisait la vie et la régénération, il est reconnu pour son action antioxydante.

Vitolize Men contient de la vitamine B6, qui aide à réguler l'activité hormonale dans le corps.
On retrouve également dans Vitolize Men les vitamines C, D et E qui agissent contre les radicaux libres pour limiter les dommages oxydatifs de la prostate.

Zinc est un oligo-élément dans notre corps. On la retrouve par exemple dans les yeux, la prostate, les cellules, la peau, le cerveau… Il est important d'avoir un apport suffisant en Zinc pour maintenir des taux normaux d'hormones et de PSA.

Selenium l'apport est tout aussi important car il aide à prévenir la croissance des cellules cancéreuses dans la prostate.

How can I get Prostate Reversal Package ?

Veuillez suivre les instructions ci-dessous pour faire livrer Vitolize Men à votre porte sans frais supplémentaires.

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